Halloween Home Decor – Make Your House Stand Out This Halloween

If you’re expecting kids to come trick or treating or just decorating your home for a Halloween party it’s generally a wise idea to have Halloween home decor that makes your home look nice and festive. If you’re going for something spooky there are many different decorations to choose from. The same goes if you’re looking for something campy or something suitable for children. However, the person with a keen eye for detail and an artistic vision will have the house that sets itself apart from the standard home.It takes a lot more than a few skeletons, bats and tombstones to to have an awesome looking and festive home. The house on the block that stands out is the one with the most original look and design. It could be having decorations that no one else has or a setup of lights that are genuinely creepy. You want people driving or walking past your house do a double take when passing your home. Choosing the right Halloween decor will have people doing exactly that.You can take the Halloween set up one step further and pick up decorations that you can display through the entire season of Autumn. Black and orange colors and pumpkins are things that are both seasonal and associated with Halloween. That type of decor along with a variety of other decorations can be associated with Halloween, Autumn and Thanksgiving. You could always be creative and combine all three. Maybe a skeletal turkey? Just a thought.Of course how you decorate your home is all based on your own preferences. There are plenty of different reasons why Halloween stands out to a particular individual. A lot of people like the scary ghost stories while others prefer the blood and guts of zombie movies. Lastly there are the children who would most likely prefer something silly, campy or funny. Well, their parents certainly do not want anyone to scare the living you know what out of them.If you’re looking for goblins, zombies, werewolves or vampires you can always find what you’re looking for. You’ll easily be able to find the silly, scary or gory decor no matter where you look. That’s the great thing about Halloween. There’s something for everyone and you can make the majority of people happy. Do whatever you can to make your home stand out amongst all the other homes on the block. The sky is the limit for what you can do so take advantage of it.

African Home Decor Guide – Buying Quality African Home Decor

The popularity of African home decor reflects in the growth of this trend over the last three years. More interior designers and buyers longing to spice up and add a sense of adventure to their homes have sought African decor items to fill that need.For centuries the continent of Africa has produced inspired works of art people around the globe envy. For example, objects made from stone, clay, woods and other natural materials.With the popularity of earth-friendly home decor products, African home accessories seem like a natural (pardon the pun) fit for today’s demanding home decor market and consumer.African decor produced from natural earth friendly materials continues to grow in popularity among interior designers. The most popular forms of African tribal decor is wood figurines, wood masks and animal wood carvings.These African wood carvings often made from trees that replenish easily because of faster growth – as opposed to other trees. For example, trees such as bamboo, teak and other fast growing varieties.Colorful African baskets of all sizes continue to grow as a popular home decor accessory, adding a splash of color and interest to any room. The popularity comes from the double benefits of a decorative piece that’s also used for storage purposes.Quality hand-made African home decor baskets crafted with various kinds of loom add variety to any home decor. The better quality form of loom is the horizontal pedal loom. The horizontal loom is most popular from the regions of West Africa.The West African tribes of the Kasai and Kwilu territories located near the Central Congo developed a unique weaving technique. For example, the tribal women meticulously weave plush raffia or fiber on diagonal looms. Next they take the pattern and knot it in broad bands during the detailed weaving process. And finally the expert weaver completes the detailed steps by cutting the overhanging material to an even finish.Inserting a colorful pattern, done in various ways adds a touch of color to the decorative African baskets. The most popular method? Meticulously hand-weaving with colored threads, the result is a stunning piece of African art that would brighten up any room.Wrought iron African home decor accessories continues as a favorite because of its longevity. African statues and figurines of tribesmen, tribeswomen and popular animals throughout the tropical forest and East Africa represent consumer favorites world-wide.African pottery is another popular African decor accessory used to add a look of adventure to any room in your home. African hand-made pottery usually employs many popular and recognized techniques. For example, rounded pots hollowed out with a continuous turning movement of the craft persons hands – at just the right angle and depth.African gourde containers grow in West Africa. The gourde container, usually cut in half and their hard outer shells used to fashion decorative bowls, cups, plates and other vessels for water and food. These African bowls, decorated with various patterns of stripes and other colorful designs adds interest and authenticity. These African designs not only add interest to the piece, they often tell a story or give a positive message to the reader.Quality African decor can add zest and life to any room. There’s a category that fits every taste and lifestyle.

The 5 Basics of Home Decorating

We would all love to live in a beautiful home. But creating such takes time, a lot of effort and of course, money. But if there is a will, there is a way. After all, Rome was not built in a day. Everything is a process – even home decorating. So for people who want to decorate their homes but have no idea where to start, here are the five basics of home decorating.
Ask, “Where should I begin decorating?” When it comes to decorating you have got to start somewhere. You would go crazy if you tried to do everything at once. So decide where you want to begin. The kitchen, patio, bedroom or living room? On trick here is to assess which area needs a makeover the most. This way you will be able to concentrate your efforts on one area.
Decide what colors to use. When it comes to decorating, colors can make or break your decorating scheme. Some colors looks fantastic together while others just look horrible next to each other. One tip here is to choose colors that are either near to each other on the color wheel or on opposite sides. These are the colors that best compliment each other.
Find your style. Every person has different styles and tastes when it comes to decorating. So figure out what yours is and how you can best translate that into your home d├ęcor.
Shop wisely. Beauty does not always mean expensive. Believe it or not there are some great items at thrift stores and mall sales. The trick here it to mix and match. This way you will get to save a considerable amount of money while still be able to create the house of your dreams.
Ask for advice. Get the opinion of family and friends. The people who truly love you will give you honest feedback. This will help prevent you from making careless mistakes.