Christmas Home Decorating Ideas for Houses on the Market

With the holiday season coming up we all want to dive into that festive spirit, share the joy of one of the most loved and long-awaited times of the year with our family and friends, and escape the cold in nice cozy homes, cuddling under the warm blanket near the fireplace. And, of course, nothing helps to get into that mood as much as a beautiful home decoration. Especially for families with little kids putting lights and toys onto a big Christmas tree, hanging stockings on a fireplace mantel and making pine garlands along the stairways becomes an entire event of the season.We all love that, however, those, who’s houses are currently on the market, should choose their seasonal decor very carefully. Moderation is the key here. Potential buyers won’t be able to see the best of the house past excessive Christmas decor. Don’t expect people to visualize how the living room would look without that huge tree. Let them value the newly updated railing or curb appeal of the house. It all will work on you at the end.Here are some Christmas home decorating ideas for houses on the market:• Limit an outside decor to a nice wreath on the front door. Anything else, such as inflated figures or Santa statues, will only create clutter on your front yard.• Restrain from having a Christmas tree this year. It eats up a lot of space (especially in small houses), and you want your rooms to show as open and spacious as possible. Fresh pine limbs in vases could be a nice replacement here. If you still opt for a Christmas tree, choose a small one and put it somewhere, where it doesn’t disturb the flow of the house, for example, in the corner of the room.• In the dining area replace your regular centerpiece with a themed one. You can add some glitter to it as most of fun happens there, at the holiday table.• As mentioned above already, skip on stairways decoration and themed wall decor; it also creates unwanted cluttered look and distracts buyer’s attention (unless you want them to be distracted from something).This Christmas home decorating ideas would create a needed holiday spirit without disturbing home’s appearance while the house is on the market. For more home decorating ideas or tips on how to sell your house fast, please contact Eve Rusakova at Studio 74.

The 3 Worst Ideas For Outdoor Home Decorations of 2012

As soon as the weather starts getting a bit warm, homeowners everywhere start to get ideas to prep their yards for spring and summer. This typically includes planting flowers and shrubs, while also spicing up the yard with decor items designed specifically for the outdoors. While there are many outdoor decor items to choose from, it is important that homeowners find a tasteful way to incorporate them into their landscaping. The following are the three worst offenders when it comes to outdoor home decorations in 2012:1. Tacky Garden Gnomes — Even though theses critters may seem cute, they will always look better in someone else’s yard than yours. These longtime yard trinkets have become a bit tacky and overused, and are one of the top offenders in worst outdoor decorations. Regardless of whether they are a traditional gnome with a pointy red hat, one dressed in your favorite sports team colors, they actually look the best they are ever going to when they are on the shelf at your local store instead of standing around anywhere in your yard.2. That Ceramic Goose — While the idea of a ceramic goose that wears different outfits and sits on your porch is cute (sort of?), it is best left in 1997. Today, these ceramic geese either need to be hidden well away in storage or maybe as featured items in your next yard sale instead of your front porch for the entire world to see. Perhaps switch out the goose with a nice flower pot, filled with a beautiful flat of flowers to brighten up your porch and bring beauty to your home.3. Too Many Flowers — Unless you’re a master gardener who is trained in designing the best outdoor arrangements, remember that too much of a good thing, is not always a good thing. When you put too many flowers in your landscaping, you run the risk of over decorating your yard. Managing all the different needs that different types of flowers have can be a stressful challenge and can take time and effort away from other great looking outdoor decorations you can have in your yard.To ensure that your home looks its best throughout the entire summer, be sure to choose your outdoor home decorations wisely. In order to be the envy of every neighbor on the block, a homeowner must incorporate pretty, tasteful decor throughout the entire landscaping. Make sure that your decor items blend well with other decorations such as year-round plants, flats of flowers and furniture items, such as patio sets.

The Vibrant and Spiritual Mexican Home Decor

Some people wrongly assume that Mexican home decor consists of pottery, cactuses, and chili peppers. This is, of course, a very simplified view, which is missing out on the true Mexican heritage and design. In fact, Mexican home decor was influenced by many sources like the Spanish, the Native Americans, and even the Chinese. This influence along with extreme spirit of the Mexican people created the style that became so popular with people of other origins.The History of Mexican Home DecorEarly Mexican home decor can be traced back to the 16th century, prior to the Spanish Conquest. It was at this time that the simple adobe structures made way for the more elaborate structures built by the Spanish monks. Taking styles from both, a newer type of design came about. This is what most people consider Mexican home decor. It includes densely decorated areas with colorful pottery, furnishings and textiles inspired by folk tradition.Colors came into use in the early 1900’s, after the Mexicans overthrew the Spanish in 1821. A newly found independence added new style to the mix, and colors became immensely popular in Mexican home decor. Bright reds, deep browns, amazing gold and bronze colors, forest greens, as well as many other vibrant warm colors became the staple of the Mexican home decor. It is the lively and festive colorfulness of the people that makes the Mexican home decor what it is.Modern Mexican Home DecorThough Mexican home decor has largely remained unchanged throughout time, a few minor adjustments were made. The bright bold colors are still present, but everything is done with more simple and clean lines. The ornate and elaborate houses have been replaced by sparse modern homes, keeping more in tradition with how the Mexicans live their life.Mexican home decor has taken a new life with nature and inspiration from natural materials of the Mexican homeland. Using fabrics and darker woods from Mexico has become popular in the Mexican home decor. Beautiful tapestries from old world Mexico have become even more popular and are made now with very bright yellows and blues, along with a distinct southwestern style added in. Architecturally wooden carvings in both art and pieces of furniture are making a come back.Today, Mexican home decor is more popular than ever before thanks to the rich history and amazing mixes that made it both natural and vibrant. And of course, the inner spirit of this style is still alive and strong, and keeps on attracting many people who choose Mexican decor for their homes across the world.